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Christmas Story (or Rambling) 2016 - How I became European

Introduction One might think it would be easy to write a Christmas story related to this - to be totally honest - crazy year of 2016. I have had several ideas during the past few months to play with, but none of them have carried me anywhere I would like to go. Time was running out, but the brilliant idea never came. No, nobody is forcing me to do this, I only have the urge to write Christmas stories. Those of you who are writers do understand. Yesterday morning I was reading Helsingin Sanomat and  in his essay , one of my favourite writers, Heikki Aittokoski reflected his feelings on the events of this year. He says he is a fan of Europe. Then I realised, that this time I cannot write a traditional Christmas story but gather the themes that I have been playing with recently under the title: How I became European . How I became European I became European in July 1988 in Berlin but I did not know it yet, not in a few decades. Whenever I sit in a cosy café, I remember that rainy